Meet the Dragon
Meet the Dragon
Westport Weston Co-op Celebrates Chinese New Year
Carole Chinn January 31, 2014 at 03:21 PM
Today, the Westport-Weston Co-op celebrated Chinese New Year. The 3-day 3s class “flew” to China on their pretend airplanes. From the air, they saw the Great Wall of China and pandas. After they landed, twins, Isabella and Alexander Mariani taught their classmates how to greet others in Mandarin. The children experimented with using chopsticks to eat their dumplings, rice cakes and good luck oranges. They listened to stories about how the Jade Emperor named different years after the first 12 animals that visited him. The children also heard about Chinese customs like cutting one’s hair before the New Year and giving red envelopes filled with money. The day culminated with participation in a dragon dance. Ziggy held a lettuce ball on a string to lure the dragon out as the class banged drums and cymbals to scare away the bad luck and to bring in the good luck. The day ended with gift bags filled with oranges, red envelopes with chocolate coins, a dragon fan and wind up dragon and panda stickers. It was another delightful day at the Co-op.


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