Top 10 Reasons To Hire A Professional DJ For Your Wedding

Top 10
Top 10
You're getting married!!
It's your special day. The day you've been dreaming of all your life. 
So now what? How do you find the right entertainment for your reception??

Celebration Entertainment of Stratford,CT has been in the DJ business for almost 20 years. As a full service DJ company they can do any event from Sweet 16 to Anniversary celebrations.

But weddings are their specialty. With the economy in flux, a lot of bridal couples have been tempted to use a 'friend of a friend' for their DJ or a 'Craigslist' DJ. 

Entertainment is the last place to tighten the belt when planning a wedding. 

Here's why:

1. Control – Most people spend more than a year planning every last detail of their wedding. When it comes to the entertainment, why just turn it over to some DJ who you will never see again? 

Celebration Entertainment prides itself on return customers! So we'll make you happy because you'll use us again & again!!

2.  Cost – Don't be drawn in  by 'low rent' DJ companies. You get what you pay for-nobody is going to work hard for less. But try not to confuse 'cheap' with 'reasonable' either. 

We're reasonable for the service we provide.
Our customers tell us that our packages generally save them between $250 and $500! That’s a big chunk of money that could be used in other places!

3. Incorporate Your Unique Personality – Here’s a trade secret – most disc jockeys play the same basic set of songs at each and every wedding they do. They will occasionally add in the “latest top 40 hits”, but other than that, it is on autoplay. 

Celebration Entertainment does NOT do 'cookie cutter' type events! We work with you to cater the music to your event!

4. Songs like the Macarena Exist – Sometimes you don’t want any of the classic “cheesy ” wedding songs played, it's your wedding , after all!

At Celebration Entertainment we make sure we play only what you approve of before hand.

5. Language and Profanity Concerns – Perhaps you aren’t a big fan of the profanity in many of the popular songs today. 

Our DJ's carry only 'Radio Edit' clean versions of all our songs. When you set the playlist, you don’t need to worry about what is coming up next.

6. Remote locations – If you aren’t holding your ceremony or cocktails at the same place in your venue, you will probably have trouble finding a DJ that can work in your location. 

Our remote systems can bring the music wherever you want to be.

7. Most DJ’s are terrible at what they do – To be fair, there are some good ones too, but becoming a DJ is what is known as a “low barrier to entry profession”. There aren’t classes that you need to attend to be a DJ. You just buy a few big speakers and some music and start calling yourself a professional disc jockey. Most DJs have little to no experience, and they will be training with your wedding and charging you a premium for the opportunity. 
DON'T TAKE THAT CHANCE! Invest in experience.

Our DJ's have a minimum of 10 years event experience!

8. It’s NOT as Easy as You Think – A true professional has experience and a good knowledge of all kinds of music. Also a professional will understand different audio needs for all types of venues and be able to provide the necessary high quality equipment you need.

9. EVERYONE Remembers a Wedding For The Good DJ – All your family & friends will cheer, “boy that DJ was great, what a perfect wedding!” – It happens all the time. Just read our reviews! Make your event one to remember -for all the right reasons!!

10. You Get Professional Customer Support – We do more weddings every year because of our reputation! You have full access to our staff and can call us at anytime for answers to your questions. 203-378-6965 24/7


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