WESTPORT. Ct - It's the 1990s. Leona Helmsley will be doing time. Donald Trump has lost his empire, and his wife, in a publicly scandalous, tabloid style divorce. The United States is cage rattling—a flashy show of strength on TV. Millions of viewers will be able to watch America conduct a real war in the Middle East, and without a drop of bloodshed. That’s the climate in the outside world when MAGAZINE, Duncan Christy’s new musical play, opens with a staged reading on Sunday March 2 at 4 PM at Theatre Artists Workshop, 5 Gregory Boulevard with a repeat performance Saturday, March 8 at 8 PM.

Duncan Christy, the playwright, who is also the composer and lyricist and a Norwalk resident, is the former editorial director of Delta Airlines’ Sky Magazine and a veteran of the New York magazine industry, including Forbes and “M.” He takes the audience to the very essence of the dynamic industry changes while also depicting the ebb and flow of a well-oiled, collegial staff that has worked together for a long time. They’re like siblings who love and quarrel, like family who watch out for each other at times, and at times compete in treacherous ways.

MAGAZINE is a musical with inventive social satire of the 1990’s, filled with still-relevant snappy dialogue, double entendres, rapid-fire wit, and infused with tunefully terrific music - doo wop, blues, gospel sounds and a tender ballad or two that capture some of the daily life inside of this beleaguered publication’s office. Sex, intrigue, macho, and love.

The cast includes Lisa Dalstrum, Josh Matteo, Siobahn Powers, and Scott Keehan of Fairfield; Erica LuBonta of Simsbury; Katie Howe, Josh Downs, and Melissa Weisbach of New York City; Vanessa David of Norwalk; Ilayda Muftuolglu of New Haven; Tom Fiffer of Westport; Gary Bettsworth of Weston; Ken Grace of Shelton; and Ray Michaud of Trumbull. Bob Johnson of Port Chester, NY, who recently directed the successful and well-reviewed play “Frost/Nixon” at the Westport Community Theatre, directs the musical. Ina Chadwick of Westport’s MouseMuse Productions is the executive producer.

Tickets are $20 and can be reserved by phone 203 247 3346 or on the website.For more information contact http://www.mousemuse.com.


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