Hurricane Sandy Storm Damage, Restoration of Power in Westport

Westport Building Official Stephen Smith today released the following information for residents to follow incase of damage to homes and/or property.


Tree on Wires

If the electrical service at a home was damaged by a fallen tree on the homeowner’s property, the resident should call a Connecticut licensed electrician and have any damage from the weather head down the side of the house inspected and repaired if necessary.  The electrician should then contact the Westport Building Department and who will contact the power company to authorize them to re-energize the service.  Residents should not go near any downed wires assumed to be dead - they may become energized at any moment.

Water Damage

If a home sustained water damage affecting the electrical system including the circuit breaker panel, electric appliances, or outlets the resident should contact an electrician to evaluate the wiring prior to the power company activating the neighborhood.  Sometimes just switching off effected circuits is sufficient, however, in worse cases; the main breaker should be switched off.


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Compo Beach & Saugatuck Shores Areas

Homes in the Compo Beach and Saugatuck Shores areas will be visited by the Building Department to assist in evaluating the condition of a residence.  A note should be left on the front door indicating either no damage, the service breaker has been turned off or a note from a licensed electrician (E-1) indicating it is okay to energize the grid

If the meter has been red tagged, the resident must hire an E-1 electrician to make the home safe.

Questions should be directed to the Westport Building Department at (203) 341-5025.

Attached is the CL&P Alert to Homeowners document.


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