Wintry Mix Forecasted for Monday Morning

Whether it's enough to cause school delays and cancellations remains to be seen.

Patch file photo
Patch file photo
By Gary Jeanfaivre

--- Popular Stories Sure, weather forecasts aren't always perfectly accurate and we're still a few days away, but right now it's looking like Monday morning could be a little messy. And that means ... brace yourselves parents ... the kiddies could possibly have a delayed opening or cancellation.

Here's what things are looking like, according to the National Weather Service:

Temperatures will continue to drop today, Dec. 6. The rain will also continue to fall, and could potentially turn to sleet and a mix of light snow.

Saturday will be seasonably cold with light wind.

On Sunday, temperatures will likely not make it above freezing, and skies will be partly sunny.

The storm will arrive in the early hours on Monday, by about 4 a.m., beginning with snow before turning over to a mix of rain, snow and sleet. Accumulation is expected to be minimal, less than an inch, with a 70% change of precipitation.

On Monday, the wintry mix will continue to fall till around noon, when it will change over entirely to rain as temperatures climb into the 40s. 

Beyond that, no precipitation is in the forecast for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 


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