Here Come the 11/12/13 Weddings

Thousands plan to marry on Tuesday.

Shane Penrod and Jaime Posluszny will marry on 11/12/13 in Key West. Photo courtesy of Jaime Posluszny
Shane Penrod and Jaime Posluszny will marry on 11/12/13 in Key West. Photo courtesy of Jaime Posluszny

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Who would have thought that a weekday in November would be a competitive day to plan a wedding? Because of next Tuesday’s distinctive numerical date – 11/12/13 – wedding planners this week may be having flashbacks to their June bustle.

David’s Bridal, a clothier with stores across the country specializing in wedding wear, predicts there will be upwards of 3,000 weddings in the United States next Tuesday – more than a 700 percent increase of the second Tuesday of November last year.

For some couples aiming to wed on 11/12/13, the popularity of the date has triggered serious planning complications.

Jaime Posluszny and her fiancé, Shane Penrod, from Tampa, FL were forced to completely change gears after their original wedding plan got out of hand. “We actually have a chapel wedding paid for in Vegas for 11/12/13,” says Posluszny, “Even with it falling on a Tuesday, [the prices] were substantially higher than their typical weekday wedding package.” The flights out cost twice as much, too. “We couldn't fathom our family spending $500/ person” for flights, Posluszny said, “Less than 90 days out from our wedding, we decided to change destinations."

Couples seem to be drawn to numerically interesting dates for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s as simple as an easy way to remember an anniversary. A number of math fans and military folk are reportedly attracted to wedding dates such as 11/12/13.

Ultra popular wedding blog, The Knot, even has a section called “Numerically Quirky Dates” to help couples choose when to wed. It looks like 12/13/14, a Saturday next December, will be a blowout date. Word to the wise: plan early for that one.

As for Jaime and Shane, they are set for a dream wedding after all, at sunset on a pier in Key West — a spot thankfully untouched by the 11/12/13 fervor.

Do you know anyone getting married on November 12, 2013? Tell us about their experience in the comments or a blog post.


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