MAP: Veteran Vs Non-Veteran Employment in CT

Mapping and comparing employment rates for veterans and non-veterans in Connecticut's labor force.

In our fourth and final installment before we wrap up the series and designate the most patriotic towns in Connecticut in time for Independence Day, Patch has crunched the numbers behind veteran employment to see which towns and zip codes are supporting their troops when they come home.

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, we compared the veteran employment rate by the local non-veteran employment rate for residents 18-64. The numbers take into account the eligible labor force for both groups, not including residents and veterans who are unable to work.

State wide, Connecticut veterans are slightly more likely to be employed than non-veterans, with a 91.34 percent employment rate for veterans and 91.18 percent employment rate for non-veterans (18-64), a ratio of 1.002.

Find more about local and state programs for returning servicemembers here and lists of the highest and lowest veteran employment ratios here.

And check back the week of July 4 for our ranking of the Most Patriotic Towns in Connecticut.


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