Local Kayaking Guidebooks Available

Book Cover
Book Cover

The recreational sport of kayaking has grown in popularity over the years and kayaking around the Norwalk area is no exception. In fact, the Norwalk Islands, considered the jewel of Norwalk, has become a destination of out of area residents along with many local residents who have taken up the sport. Several of the islands are open to the public for activities such as camping.

A local kayaking guidebook was made available in 2009 written by long time East Norwalk resident David Park. The guidebook titled, “Kayaking in and around the Norwalk Islands” has been updated several times and is now in its fourth edition. The book includes details such as where to launch; descriptions of all the islands; kayaking the three local rivers, coastal kayaking and offshore kayaking; safety tips; island wildlife and history of several of the islands. The book is also considered a resource for people interested in the area and nautical enthusiasts in general.

The book is available at Calfe Mu at Calf Pasture Beach, the Small Boat Shop at Rex Marina in South Norwalk, the Westport Historical Society Remarkable Gift Shop, the Dock Shop in Darien, the Outdoor Sports Center in Wilton and online at http://norwalkriver.org/docs.htm


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