NEW Schmitt 30 in. Sailboat Steering Wheel custom covered in Cockscombing & Turks Head knots

Schmitt 30' Cruiser Sailboat Steering Wheel, 6 spoke (Brand new, Never used)

- SOLID stainless steel construction, Highly polished non-magnetic
- Hub Size: 2 1/4" Diameter, 1" straight, 2 1/8" deep; 1/4" Keyway
- Covered in hand tied cockscombing and Turks Head knot at each spoke (all custom hand tied)
- Knotted with 9/64 diameter NILO bonded engine starting cord
- Weight : about 12 lbs
- Mounting nuts not included

The tradition of cockscombing your helm is an old one... Originally developed to protect the wood from salt and sun on wooden wheels, it has continued on the steel wheels commonly found on better class sailing crafts found today. Cockscombing provides a better grip for the hands when at the helm, especially when encountering a quartering sea. Anyone who has had to hang on for dear life to a slippery steel wheel in heavy weather can attest to the remarkable grip such cockscombing can give. It is also a decorative feature which will enhance the appearance of your cockpit. Very unique!! Sailors delight!!!!!

Call for details 203-858-4163


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