Prepare For Westport’s Next Major Storm

Are you going to be ready for the next major storm that hits Westport?


There are some simple things every homeowner can do to make the next major disaster an unavoidable inconvenience.

Using water-resistant materials around your home and preparing your home before a major storm hits can save a homeowner's possessions, and even home. 

Using an alternative like water board as opposed to sheet rock when replacing walls will prevent saturation during a future flood, according to Cohen and Wolf Principal Ken Bernhard.

Instead of fiberglass insulation, use a material like foam insulation to avoid flood damage. Install electrical outlets higher than normal to avoid costly electrical repairs, Bernhard said.


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“Take photos and videos of current valuables in your home," Bernhard said. “Put that video in a safe deposit box. Not in file cabinet in your home that will get flooded.”

In some cases it is a good idea to rent a moving truck or UHaul van that can temporarily store treasured personal property, he said.

“We are often lulled into a false sense of security during these catastrophes because they happen so infrequently,” Bernhard said.

Glenn Cucimell, minor flood damage because he took the proper measures to seal up his home “like a bath tub” after Hurricane Irene pummeled the area in 2011.

Unfortunately, after a storm like Hurricane Sandy scams do occur.

The easiest and most likely scam to occur in a short-term period following the storm is flood damaged property being resold as working property, Bernhard said.

For example, a furnace or hot water heater could appear to have no damage, but a scam artist could have picked the item up at a dump, according to Bernhard. Another item to watch out for is flood damaged automobiles being sold as a car with no flood damge.


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