Westport Grand List Shows $150 Million Increase

Westport Town Assessor Paul Friia announced that he signed the Oct. 1, 2012 Grand List as required by state statute.


Westport Town Assessor Paul Friia announced that he signed the Oct. 1, 2012 Grand List as required by state statute.

The net 2012 Grand List of $9,804,698,690 represents a total increase of approximately 1.5 percent from the net 2011 Grand List of $9,655,275,688.

The list is the sum of the net assessed value of all taxable property – real estate, motor vehicles, and personal property.

Motor vehicles and personal property are valued annually, while real estate is updated based on the market values determined as of the town’s revaluation date of Oct.1, 2010.


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Increases in the grand list were in the categories of real estate and personal property. The 1.4 percent increase in real estate assessment totals is a result of residential and commercial new construction and renovation activity that occurred within the past assessment year and indicates the continued strength of the Westport market. 

Personal property had a 10 percent increase in assessment totals, reflecting a continued increase in commercial business activity.  Motor vehicle assessment totals were approximately 1.5 percent less than they were on the 2011 grand list, which appears to be consistent with other Connecticut towns. 


The current 2012 Grand List totals are: 



% of List

Real Estate



Personal Property



Motor Vehicle







The Grand List will be used for fiscal year 2013-2014 town budget calculations. The above figures are subject to change pending the outcome of Board of Assessment Appeals hearings in March.


The following are the top 10 taxpayers in Westport:

  1. Connecticut Light & Power Inc - Pers. Prop./Real Est.  - $131,348,940 
  2. Nyala Farms Inc. - 60 Nyala  Farms Road.  - $78,269,870
  3. Bridgewater Associates Inc. - Real Est./Pers. Prop.  - $28,786,810 
  4. Riverside Office 285 & 355 LLC - 285 & 355  Riverside Ave. - $21,990,600
  5. Heyman Ronnie F & Samuel J Est - Residential - $19,994,700 
  6. Roseville Estates Inc. - 1177 Post Road East  - $19,831,960
  7. Allianz Life Insurance Company - 55 Greens Farms Rd - $19,075,500
  8. Marc & Cathy Lasry - Residential - $18,782,900
  9. Campana 125 LLC - 125  Main Street - $17,958,400
  10. Byelas LLC - 1790 Post Rd East - $17,112,200 









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