Westport Resident Harvey Weinstein Secretly Arranges Michelle Obama's Oscar Appearance

The first lady made a splash Sunday night when she appeared to present the award for Best Picture. But was her appearance timeless or tacky?


Michelle Obama made a splash Sunday evening when she made a surprise appearance at the Oscars to announce winner of Best Picture.

The moment, in which she was introduced by Jack Nicholson and announced Argo as the winner, was reportedly arranged by Westport resident Harvey Weinstein.

In August, Weinstein arranged for a for the first couple's reelection campaign. Many of those in attendence Sunday night may have also been there for the star-studded event in August.

So far Monday, there's been a lot of conversation generated from the Obama visit. There's folks on the right who, unsurprisingly, did not enjoy the appearance, while others appeared blown away by it. Either way, there's no denying the moment was somewhat controversial.


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