DeLauro gets facts wrong

Rosa DeLauro fails—again!
Rosa DeLauro fails—again!

Rosa DeLauro screws up—yet again!

DeLauro: “The VA scheduling controversy that has impacted medical centers nationally…it has not been an issue in West Haven.” May 19, 2014 http://bit.ly/1wdU4AM

REALITY: Delays at VA Facilities in Connecticut

nearly TRIPLED—in just one month!

Data Released: May 15, 2014; Percentage of all VA appointments scheduled over 30-days in CT: 2%

June 1, 2014 data: percentage climbed to 5.12%

June 15, 2014 data: percentage CONTINUES to climb—to 5.26% http://bit.ly/TZ4KGL  

The VA is THE model of the “socialized single-payer, govt-owned, govt-run healthcare system” which

ObamaCare proponents—including Rosa DeLauro—

see as their ultimate goal.

So how well is that working out at the VA??!

At a Jan. 20 meeting at The Grove on Chapel Street, New Haven,

when someone asked if the country should move to a single-payer system

“U.S. Rep. DeLauro said the Affordable Care Act

is a step in the right direction on that front.”

[New Haven Independent, 1/21/14]

More on DeLauro’s out-of-touch failure here: http://bit.ly/1mN1zJd

MEANWHILE, the VA has been failing to meet FEMALE veterans' needs

—despite a $1.3 Billion investment since 2008.

Why did DeLauro let this happen??!

Apparently DeLauro is “Waging War on Women”

—Veteran women. http://bit.ly/1mIAXxi

Or, more likely, she’s too busy planning her weekly

‘Downton Abbey’ style gourmet dinners—

to actually do her job! http://bit.ly/1mtgcnQ

If you believe in returning our govt to the People—YOU!—

rather than allowing it to be run by out-of-touch, elitist, MultiMillionaires like DeLauro—

then copy/paste this entire post into an email—and send it to 3rd district* friends, post on Facebook, etc. to share with others [you can use the Facebook and Twitter buttons below]—and help expose this fraud!



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Meet DeLauro’s opponent:


*CT's 3rd district: Ansonia, Beacon Falls, Bethany, Branford, Derby, Durham, East Haven, Guilford, Hamden, Middlefield, Middletown (part of), Milford, Naugutuck, New Haven, North Branford, North Haven, Orange, Prospect, Seymour, Shelton (part of), Stratford, Wallingford, Waterbury (part of), West Haven, Woodbridge.

Be sure to share this with folks in these towns—

help DUMP DeLAURO—and get YOUR government back!


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