Letter: Time for Check and Balance

A letter to the editor from Westport resident Carla Rea.


Editor's note: Westport Patch will not accept letters endorsing political candidates after Oct. 31, but letters will continue to be published until Nov. 4. 

Stephen Rubin has served our town well since 1993 and will continue on doing so as our State Representative.

His democrat opponent says he voted against the Malloy budget in 2011...the budget that had the  big tax increases. But in 2012, he voted "yes" on the adjustment bill that was nothing more than an extension of the original budget. It relied on the same revenue streams (income, sales, etc.,) tax hikes that the original budget had.

As a contrast, Republicans offered a budget that accounted for those problem increases but kept spending where it was.

This budget adjustment bill increased spending in the second year of the original budget by about $187 million. And it increased spending by $310 million over the previous year.

Time for a change!

On November 6th our choice can only be Stephen Rubin.

Carla Rea


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