Newtown: Time for Concrete Action

The following is a letter to the editor sent by Dave Streit of Redding.

To the Editor: 

The horror of the Newtown shooting may fade over time but it will never be forgotten. Lives have been permanently changed and not for the better.  Society has to turn its attention to not only preventing these tragedies but also to look for ways to level the playing field and intervene more quickly in the event they do occur. 

One solution that would help accomplish the second objective is to install sound recognition sensors in each of the hallways and classrooms in our schools. These sensors immediately identify the sound signature of a firearm and immediately notify the authorities the very second the first shot is fired. In an instant, law enforcement personnel would know the school, the location in the school, the number of assailants and the type of gun or guns being used. 

In addition they could activate the fire alarm in order to cause the immediate evacuation of all buildings as soon as possible rather than have children being held captive in barricaded rooms often times with glass doors at the mercy of madness.

These sensors are currently being used in numerous public applications already.  Why not in our schools? 

Experts suggest these events occur in schools because the assailant can do the most harm with little threat to themselves. Think of the deterrent effect it would have for anyone contemplating this type of crime to know that the second a single shot is fired that the gates of hell would be surrounding him within seconds. 

Dave Streit



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