'One Good Thing Malloy is Doing, Finally'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

FAIRFIELD: "Governor's plan is terrible. It will increase the overhead and set such pricing disadvantages for local mom & pops that they will go out of business. It is nonsense that tax revenues will rocket upwards. This is all about the big box stores and supermarkets looking to wipe out competition." wrote this in response to an article about a humorous ad by a group advocating for a

SHELTON: "I think this ad is stupid. Alcohol shouldn't be compared to everyday needs. It's a poor approach in my eyes to get what they want. If you can't get your liqueur on one of the 6 other days the store is open then that's your fault. How about making grocery stores 24 hours that would create more jobs too and have less drunk drivers killing people." Alisha King wrote this on Shelton Patch's Facebook page in response to the .

SHELTON: "I don't like drunk drivers any more than anyone else, but not selling alcohol on Sundays is derived from Sunday being acknowledged as a holy day. However, grocery stores aren't holy places and not selling a common product like alcohol on any particular day of the week should be decided by the individual store, not the state. And I don't drink. Unbiased." wrote this in a response to the .

WILTON: "One good thing Malloy is doing, finally. Once this waiver is granted, can he then work to reduce/eliminate the state Dept. of Education and let the local districts and BOEs run their schools? No, in my dreams, unfortunately, because Dannel is too dependent on the public sector unions and teachers' unions." wrote this in response to news that Connecticut joined 36 other states and the District of Columbia on Wednesday in Act of 2001 from the United States Department of Education.


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