POLL: Is Your Child's School Safe?

Monday's shooting at an Ohio high school again raises the question: Can our children be fully protected? Take our poll and add your thoughts in the comments.

Monday's shooting at an Ohio high school left two students dead and three others injured. A teenager is in custody. The shootings occurred in the school's cafeteria.

Connecticut has not seen many such incidents. "Connecticut narrowly averted such an attack in 2007. A Newington High School student was convicted after gathering an arsenal of weapons and planning to attack a list of students that he delineated by ethnicity," according to ct.mirror.org.

In 1985, A 13-year-old Portland Junior High School student was arrested  after a school custodian was shot to death and the principal and a school secretary were wounded, according to The Hartford Courant.

Schools at all levels regularly conduct drills that teach children what to do in case of an attack on the school - they practice lockdowns and "code reds" in addition to the traditional fire drills.


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