Spring Writing Retreat with Cary Tennis and Pat Schneider.

Former Salon.com columnist Cary Tennis with his famous hat (one of them)
Former Salon.com columnist Cary Tennis with his famous hat (one of them)
Join former Salon.com columnist Cary Tennis and Amherst Writers and Artists founder Pat Schneider at Guest House Retreat and Conference Center in Chester, Connecticut, May 16 through 19, 2014, for four days of writing workshops, individual conferences, enjoyment of nature and relaxation. All meals and lodging included.

Why a writing retreat?

One goes on writing retreats to find time away from routine obligations of work and family, in order to concentrate on the quest for meaning through writing. If you want to explore, or change your writing habits, or try something new, or if you don’t know exactly what kind of writing you want to do but you just know you want to write something, this event will provide the structure and guidance you need.

The AWA method helps individuals identify the mode of expression and subject matter that is most suitable to their talents and aspirations. The workshop can have a lasting effect not only on your writing but on how you live as a creative person. http://carytennis.com/?p=6726

And just think! It won't be snowing!


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