Westport Native: Steinberg Fits Role of State Rep. Perfectly

A letter to the editor from Westport resident Michael Gordon.


Editor's note: Westport Patch will not accept letters endorsing political candidates after Oct. 31, but letters will continue to be published until Nov. 4. 

Jonathan Steinberg fits the role of our State Rep perfectly. He has shown leadership on a variety of issues important to Westporters, including job creation, fiscal accountability and environmental responsibility. 

Equally importantly, Jonathan keeps away from partisanship and politics. Like our most effective elected officials, he is focused on doing what's right for Westport and for Connecticut, building bridges across party lines across our state. 

Jonathan is ubiquitous, showing his devotion to our Town at a wide variety of events, sports and charitable gatherings. His omnipresence keeps him in touch with his constituents and ensures that he is aware of our concerns and ahead of the curve on moving Connecticut forward. 

As a Westport native, Jonathan's drive is on the long-term health and strength of our town and our state - for his three daughters and for all of our families. Westport will be a better place thanks to Jonathan's service in Hartford.

Michael Gordon



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