Kayaker Rescued from Frigid Waters of Southport Harbor

Travis Herman of Southport Yacht Club and a Good Samaritan, Landon Storrs, helped rescue the kayaker.

Photo by Fairfield Fire Department.
Photo by Fairfield Fire Department.

The vigilance of a resident and quick action by another helped save a kayaker's life Wednesday afternoon.

Fairfield Firefighters said Landon Storrs spotted the overturned kayak in Southport Harbor just before 4 p.m. on April 2. She alerted Travis Herman of Southport Yacht Club, who was able to pull the kayaker from the frigid water while Storrs called 911.

Fairfield firefighters immediately began treating the individual, whose identity was not released, on scene at Ye Yacht Yard dock. The person was then transported by AMR to the hospital.

"While the air temperatures may be warm, water temps remain dangerously cold and recreational watercraft use is not advisable without special gear designed for cold water boating," Assistant Chief George Gomola said. "This tragedy was hopefully averted due to the quick actions of Travis Herman and the observational skills of Landon Storrs, although its outcome remains in the hands of Bridgeport Hospital’s Emergency Room staff.”

An update on the kayaker's condition was not available at the time of publication.


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