Piermont Police Warn Residents of Email Scam

Email sender claims to be FBI working with local authorities.

Piermont Police are looking into a resident's claim of an email scam from somebody claiming to be in the FBI.

The email went on to say that they were working with local authorities and the resident had to send a $200 check or money order due to some form of violation. 

"The resident reported it to us so we can get the information out there. They got a virus (from the email) and it crashed their entire computer," Piermont Police Chief Michael O'Shea said. "We are telling people that if it is law enforcement, you will speak with a detective. Don't open suspicious emails and do not send out any money.

"People get all kinds of scams. Your cousin was hurt while traveling. Do not send anyone money or provide any personal information."

O'Shea said these scam operators easily send out thusands of emails hoping a few people will fall for them.

"If it doesn't look right, it's not right," O'Shea said.

There were reports of a similar scam in Connecticut earlier this year. 

William Demarest December 18, 2012 at 09:26 PM
Police warn if someone claiming to be an official or a utility rep, or someone representing a lottery and they ask you to pay with a money order, by wire or with some other unusual form of payment, the whole thing is probably a scam.
unknownauthor December 18, 2012 at 11:53 PM
Another scam everyone should be aware of is the Amway Tool Scam. Google StopTheAmwayToolScam for more information, and forward this to every non-IBO you know, so they don't get scammed.


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