Vehicle Crashes Through Garage Wall on Cunningham Place

Firefighters were able to get the car out without further collapse but the garage is unusable.

Vehicle through garage wall. Photo Credit: Westport Fire Department
Vehicle through garage wall. Photo Credit: Westport Fire Department
The Westport Fire Department responded to a motor vehicle through the wall of a garage on Cunningham Place Thursday morning that almost brought the structure down but, luckily, left none injured.

The exact cause of the accident is under investigation, according to Assistant Fire Chief Larry Conklin. The driver, the vehicle’s only occupant, was able to get out of the car unharmed.

The garage was unstable when firefighters arrived, however they were able to reinforce the structure enough to tow the vehicle out from underneath without the rest coming down.

The garage is still standing but a Westport building official called to the scene deemed it unusable.

“Whenever a building is compromised feel free to call the Fire Department or the local building official to help assess the damage and structural stability,” Conklin said in a release. “Officials can also assist you with the proper notifications to be made to other agencies.”


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