Westport Finance Board Approves $100k School Security Audit

The Board of Finance initially delayed their vote because the Westport Police Department was not included in the study.


The Board of Finance unanimously approved an appropriation of $100,000 for a school security study during a meeting at Town Hall Wednesday night.

The Board of Finance last month approved a $50,000 funding request for a professional audit that will provide recommendations to enhance security in all Westport public schools, a decision that was prompted by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown.

The cost of the study was then increased by an additional $50,000 following a decision to have it directed by local police and educators. The finance board delayed their vote because the Westport Police Department was not included in the study. 


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The last time that Westport schools had a comprehensive audit was about five years ago, according to Board of Education Chair Elaine Whitney. The upcoming security audit will include the entire Westport School system and will evaluate school facilities and operations as well as bus operations.

The new security model will require that police and educators meet on a regular basis to share information.

Westport’s Representative Town Meeting (RTM) is scheduled to vote on the appropriation at its March 5 meeting.

If approved by the RTM, Kroll Advisory Solutions will be the firm to work with the Westport Police Department and Westport educators to ensure that our schools and busses are as safe as possible. 


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