Westport Police Learn Homicide Suspect Was in Philadelphia Jewelry Store [PHOTOS]

Westport police released more details about the investigation and several new photos that depict the suspect's face.

A news broadcast in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that showed an image of the suspected shooter led a to a local jeweler contacting Westport police with information regarding the suspect being in his store.

Police learned that the suspect, who dresses in expensive clothing and fits in well at jewelry stores, was in Center City, Philadelphia on Monday and in other lower Fairfield County jewelry stores prior to Monday.

Since the investigation began last Thursday night after 65-year-old Westport resident  located at 431 Post Road East, more information about the suspect’s description has surfaced. He has a thin build, rather than the medium build previously described, and he has a drawn, haggard looking face with short facial hair, according to Chief Dale Call.

The suspect speaks clear English and has been identified as an American by three foreign individuals. He is very familiar with diamonds and is comfortable using jewelers’ tools to inspect them, Call noted.

When asked about the possibility of the suspect being armed and dangerous, or already having fled the country, Call said he was not going to rule out any possibilities.

Call said Diamonds were taken from Zeevi's store, YZ Jewelers, during the Dec. 8 robbery homicide, but cannot confirm the amount, quality, or value of the diamonds taken.

It is clear the suspect has traveled since the crime and Call wants to get word our nationally and internationally. He said many of the leads detectives have been tracking down were initially brought to their attention from a member of the public who called police.

“We are hoping that a week into this, it is not dying down,” Call said. "If you think you saw him or if you think you talked to him, give us a call. "There is no information that is to little at this point.”

The suspect has been seen wearing blue jeans, cowboy-style boots (possibly with a front zipper) and dark, heavy military or police-style boots, a quilted jacked, a heavy two-tone dark green or blue winter jacket with a single horizontal light colored stripe and a blazer (possibly suede). He used a dark umbrella with a white “Victorinox” logo on it when it was raining.

New York City resident Ronen Konfino, the surviving victim and former business associate of Zeevi's, was released from the hospital yesterday, according to Call. He described the suspect's car as a blue or grey “boxy,” foreign vehicle, either a Toyota Scion or Nissan Cube.

If you have seen the suspect or have any information, please call the  Detective Bureau at 203-341-6080.

Call said , especially during the holiday season. 

"If you see something or somebody that doesn’t look right, give us a call,” he added. 

EMR December 18, 2011 at 04:27 PM
the murderer is probably in Kiev drinking vodka right now. can't believe we could not catch him with all this publicity!
E Thibault December 19, 2011 at 05:03 AM
Considering that many of the major outlets who purport themselves to be "local as local gets" didn't get around to posting the enhanced video of the suspect from the Philly locations security cameras, I wouldn't consider this nearly enough publicity. A family goes to bed without their husband and father, and a grandchild will go without ever knowing their grandfather. Yes, circumstances that many have to face, but not because of a horrific crime premeditated and committed methodically. The police are dealing with a psychopath, it's the only way to describe someone capable of doing such a thing to another human.
E Thibault December 19, 2011 at 05:04 AM
*posting the video until 2-3 days after other outlets, and only then because of prompting by others on their Facebook site.


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