Woman Pulled From Saugatuck River an Accidental Death

Woman whose body was recovered Dec. 26 may have died after being struck by a train.
Woman whose body was recovered Dec. 26 may have died after being struck by a train.
Local and state officials are saying Annette White, who was taken from the Saugatuck River Friday, died accidentally, and most likely after being struck by a train on Dec. 26.

After White's body was found on Friday by duck hunters, the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and Westport Police Department detectives started researching videotapes of the Saugatuck train station and the Saugatuck River Bridge.

"The injuries found by the OCME were consistent with someone who had been struck by a train," said the Westport Police. 

The video tapes showed a westbound Metro North train stop in the bridge area short of the station for 20 minutes on Dec. 26. During their investigation, police found an earring and cell phone that belonged to Annette White under the bridge. Police said White was not familiar with the area and may have crossed the bridge on a side without a pedestrian walkway and was struck by the train.

"The Westport Police Department will be working with the MTA Police Department to determine the events leading up to Ms. White being struck by the train, however, the death as of this time appears to be accidental in nature," the Westport Police said.


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