Westport Has 3rd Highest Taxes in State

Counting down the highest median tax bills in the state.

After counting down the highest and lowest mill rates in the state, this week we’ve applied those mills town-by-town for a more accurate look at who pays the highest taxes in Connecticut.

The list shows the 16 towns with the highest taxes paid by an average homeowner this year, calculated by applying the mill rate to the median home value for each town, as reported by Zillow.
16 Highest Mill Rates
16 Lowest Mill Rates

Some of the highest and lowest mill rates in the state made the list, ranging from 10.675 in Greenwich (No. 9) to 37.29 in Trumbull (No. 14).

Median home values also covered a large range, from $291,900 in West Hartford (No. 16) to over $1.3 million in Darien (No. 5).

Next Week: Lowest Taxes Paid in Connecticut


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