Obama for America Campaign Event Draws Crowd of Supporters in Westport

A crowd of nearly 100 supporters was asked to help with Obama for America's re-election program.


Obama for about how southwestern Connecticut will play a major role in President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign, and how local residents can help.

Nearly 100 people from all over Fairfield County showed up to the Westport Public Library to help support Obama’s campaign.

After a meet and greet where the crowd discussed why they support Obama, a video was shown about Obama’s presidency and all of the struggles he took on. The economic crisis, including a failing housing market and auto industry, were focused on in the video. Health care was also a major focus of the film.

To begin the meeting, Connecticut State Director of Obama for America Aaron Gardner went around the room and asked individual supporters to voice their reasons for being in attendance.


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Alan, a Westport resident said he has been waiting 40 years for this president to come along and he wants Obama to finish what he started.

Paul, a Westport resident, said, “A republican victory would devastate this country.”

Keith, of Westport, said, “The only ones who will benefit from a Romney victory will be real estate agents outside the U.S.”

Some folks in attendance thought the race would be a landslide victory for Obama, but others disagreed.

“I don’t think this is going to be a landslide, but you only have to win by one,” said Westport Democratic Town Chair James Ezzes, adding that it is important that supporters make local phone calls and do their part.

Jane, of Westport said she couldn’t believe people believe the lies that are being fed to them. “Our side is not able to combat that,” she said.

Looking to the future, Mike, a Westport resident and Staple High School student, said, “We have made so much progress, but we can make so much more.”

Trish, a Stamford resident, said, “I support Obama because everyone needs to know that a woman can get pregnant from rape.”

Gardner spoke about their team strategy and Obama for America strategy to get President Obama elected again. He stressed the importance Pennsylvania holds in this election.

“There is no way the president gets to his second term if he doesn’t win Pennsylvania,” Gardner said.

Gardner asked the crowd of supporters for help with the program, including making phone calls at a phone bank, and making trips to Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, which are two crucial states in the upcoming presidential election. 


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