It’s Final: Longshore Park Trees Will Go

Trees soon to be removed at Longshore Club Park. Credit: Screenshot / Tree Report
Trees soon to be removed at Longshore Club Park. Credit: Screenshot / Tree Report

Following an initial decision, a temporary delay, an official report, and a public information session, a final decision on the status of the trees at Longshore Club Park has been made – they’re coming down.

First Selectman Jim Marpe announced Wednesday that after reviewing Tree Warden Bruce Lindsay’s report recommending to remove the remaining original fifteen trees, and after a public on-site information session, that Lindsay can proceed with his recommendation and the trees can be taken down.

“This recommendation was an extremely difficult one to make given the age and size of the trees, as well as their iconic presence at Longshore,” said Marpe. “I would like to thank all those who attended Saturday’s information session and who helped me with my decision.”

Lindsay, who stood by his original decision to remove the trees following Marpe’s delay, stated in his report that the trees represent a hazardous condition for the entry into Longshore Club Park and must be removed for safe passage.

“The trees in question at Longshore Club Park are in extremely poor health and decline, are of poor species and have unlimited potential targets in a fall or limb break situation,” said Lindsay.

Marpe said the removal of the trees presents the town with an opportunity to plan for the future. The First Selectman vowed to ensure that a sufficient number of trees are planted to replace those that are being removed. He also said he will seek recommendations from the Tree Warden and the Tree Board on how to adopt a program of tree preservation in town and look into establishing a fund to which citizens may contribute for the purpose of purchasing trees to be planted on town property.

“I remain committed to ensuring that Longshore will continue to be of great pride to Westport residents today and for many generations to come,” said Marpe. 


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