Rubin for Change in Hartford

Westport Board of Education member Michael McGovern endorses Stephen Rubin for State Rep.


The veto-proof Democratic majority in the Connecticut State Assembly has been bad for our State and even worse for Westport.  

Under one-party rule, our state is moving in the wrong direction. Barron's Magazine ranked Connecticut the worst run state in the U.S., unemployment has risen to 9% and per capita debt is among the highest in the Nation. All the while, an entrenched political class in Hartford treats towns like Westport as their ATM machine, spending wrecklessly, imposing unfunded mandates and returning virtually none of the tax revenue hard-working Westport families send to the State.  

As a member of the Board of Education in Westport, I have seen this firsthand as the State has ignored our request to use dormant land for school bus parking, which would have saved Westport taxpayers over $200,000 per year. Now, Governor Malloy's task force on Education Cost-Sharing is considering cutting special education reimbursements to towns like Westport.  

Clearly, our voices are not being heard in Hartford. We need Stephen Rubin as our representative in the State Assembly to help put Connecticut on the right track. He will fight for balanced budgets, fiscal reform and lower taxes.  He will help make Connecticut a place where businesses can grow and jobs can be formed. Electing Stephen Rubin will give Westport a fighting chance to be heard in the Legislature.  

Please join me in voting for Stephen Rubin to represent the 136th District in the Connecticut State Assembly.


Michael McGovern


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