Westport Resident Supports Rubin for State Rep.

A letter to the editor from Stephen Rubin's wife, Toni.


Editor's note: Westport Patch will not accept letters endorsing political candidates after Oct. 31, but letters will continue to be published until Nov. 4. 

Thirty one years ago we moved to this wonderful town of Westport. Within a few days and before most cartons were unpacked, Steve was off to Japan for yet another long business trip. I had been accustomed to him being away for work but just as we moved leaving the work of setting up a new home alone to me was something else. He wanted to postpone this Asian trip but knowing how dedicated he was to his work I insisted he go.

On his return I told him all the Westport stories including the welcoming people, Longshore, Compo and of course the shopping. I was about to take a job teaching pre-school at the YMCA. As we met more and more neighbors, Steve recognized opportunities to be involved with the community. You see, when you live in New York City one tends to be just another number or just an additional person on the subway but, as Steve said, “In our Westport you can do something and actually make a difference.”

Before long he was involved with the Red Cross, PAL, the Staples Gridiron Club, Y’s Men and had an interest in politics. Most of this became a major part of his life since an early retirement was on the drawing board and I could not have him in the house all day. In 1993 he ran for office on the Representative Town Meeting (RTM). He was a top vote getter and he was hooked and today he still holds this office being a senior member on the RTM and holding what may be a record for a 100% attendance. In addition, Steve has enjoyed a full time position with our Westport Parks and Recreation Department for the last fifteen years. He has realized that if he had the opportunity to be a State Representative he could bring to Hartford what he learned in Westport, being a public servant and not just another politician.

After years of involvement, dedication, sincere desire to give back and love of Westport along with an ever growing group of charities and organizations such as Al’s Angels, my best friend and husband is now running for the position of State Representative. I will vote for him and hope you will too. His daughter and grandchildren also support him and he will work hard for us, our town and our state. Please vote for Stephen Rubin, and help me keep him out of the house!

Toni Rubin


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