Westport Resident Supports Steinberg for State Rep.

A letter to the editor from Westport resident Alex White.


Editor's note: Westport Patch will not accept letters endorsing political candidates after Oct. 31, but letters will continue to be published until Nov. 4. 

Dear Editor:

I am writing in enthusiastic support of Jonathan Steinberg for State Representative. I have known Jonathan for over forty years: we attended Staples and graduated from that excellent school together. Today, I have the pleasure of working with Jonathan as a fellow board member for a Westport non-profit. 

Jonathan uses reason to weigh alternatives and arrive at his conclusions. He seeks out and rigorously weighs alternative points of view in arriving at his well-informed, balanced conclusions. And Jonathan genuinely loves Westport, its neighboring towns, and the state of Connecticut. He has my utmost trust in putting Westport’s needs and interests first, but he is keenly aware of others’ interests for the most reasoned outcome.

I encourage fellow Westporters to reelect Jonathan as our State Representative. He truly deserves our continued trust.

Alex W. White

John Izzo October 23, 2012 at 02:59 PM
To My Fellow Westporters: I am writing this brief letter of endorsement for Jonathan Steinberg. For those of you who may still value my opinion, I believe that Jonathan deserves another term in office as our state representative. He has those attributes I value, most namely that he is hard working, honest and dedicated. So, I urge you to send him back to Hartford. John Izzo Former Selectman


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