Westport Zoning Board Approves, Denies Several Projects

The following decisions were made by the Westport Zoning Board of Appeals this week: 
  • Granted: 151 Compo Road South, by Peter Romano/Land Tech for property owned by Jeffrey S. Arciola for a variance for a new single family dwelling over building coverage in a Res A zone.

  • Denied: 171 Compo Road South, by Gary Miele for property owned by Rita Miele for variances for setbacks and coverage to legalize three new sheds and two old sheds over building and total coverage and in the setbacks.

  • Granted in part/Denied in part: 180 Post Road East and 0 Bay Street, by 180 Westport Partners, LLC c/o John. F. Fallon, Esq. for property owned by Westport Partners, LLC for variances for FAR, (Denied), parking, building addition in setbacks, dumpster in setbacks and front landscape area (Granted), to allow expansion of first floor under existing second floor in a BCD/RPOD zone. 


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