Dattco School Bus Drivers Reach Agreement with Westport, Avert Strike

Dattco announced the ratification of a contract with members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 371 in Westport, avoiding the possibility of a strike by Westport school bus drivers.


The details of the agreement are not yet available, but Dattco confirmed that drivers unanimously voted in favor of a four-year contract, according to the press release.

“Dattco administrators and ownership are happy to have avoided a strike and look forward to having union drivers behind the wheel for the well being and safety of all our student passengers,” the news release stated.

Dattco brought a federal mediator into negotiations last week to help facilitate discussions and reduce outstanding issues in a fair and timely manner, according to Dattco Chief Operating Officer Cliff Gibson.

At the request of the Federal Mediation Conciliation Service; Dattco and UFCW Local 371 agreed to a “cooling off” period last weekend. The parties were able to continue negotiations while children were bussed to school on schedule last week.


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“Our highest priority is ensuring that Westport school children have safe and reliable transportation to and from school each and every day” Gibson stated in a news release last week.

Dattco drivers initially rejected a proposal brought forth by Westport Public Schools. Following the rejection, Superintendent of Schools Eliot Landon, as well as the Westport Police Department, warned parents of the strike. 


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