Westport School Bus Driver Strike Averted with 'Cooling Off' Period

Although bus drivers initially rejected a settlement Sunday morning, they were directed to report to work as usual on Monday morning.


Parents will be able to send their kids to the bus stop as usual in Westport Monday morning after Westport's bus drivers were directed to report to work.

At the request of the Federal Mediation Conciliation Service; Dattco and UFCW Local 371 have agreed to a “cooling off” period.  The parties will be available to continue negotiations at the call of the mediator.

UFCW Local 371 directed its members Sunday to report to work as usual on Monday morning.

Dattco initially rejected a settlement proposed by their employer Sunday morning, meaning that parents would have had to find their own way to get their children to school Monday morning. 

Superintendent of Schools Elliot Landon advised parents of the potential strike in an email last week. 


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According to a news release sent by Dattco on Friday, that the company would "work around the clock if necessary to reach agreement with the Union prior to the September 30th expiration of the Labor contract." 

Landon also urged parents to have their "children arrive at school approximately 30 minutes prior to their normal school start times so that all of your children's school activities may take place in accordance with their regular school schedules."

The Westport Police Department worked closely with the Board of Education to address transportation related issues in and around Westport schools in the event of a strike, according to Westport Police Captain Sam Arciola.


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