Your Very Own At-Home Kitty Dentist

Here's a few tips on how to conduct a teeth cleaning for your cat at home in an easy and effective way.

While you get cues daily from your cat’s meowing, have you ever thought that maybe your feline is begging for some tartar-less teeth? Believe it or not, the dental hygiene of a cat is vital to keeping the rest of its body healthy. As it is National Pet Dental Month, there is no more excuse to avoid a regular cleaning.

We just want to get the ball rolling if it isn’t already because while teeth may be easily cleaned, other parts of your flawless feline’s body cannot! It is proven that poor dental care can affect a cat’s bloodstream possibly erupting into issues with the lungs, kidneys, liver, and even the heart.

Make sure you are using cat-friendly products. Human toothpastes can be detrimental to your cat’s health as well, so avoid any complications by picking up a new brush and some fresh paste at Village Critter Outfitter before you get to brushing. Finger brushes work great as well, but some companies have kits that provide you with everything you need to clean those choppers.

We also recommend that you let this process be gradual; immediately sticking your fingers or a brush into your cat’s mouth will most likely lead to an uncooperative kitty. Play around for a bit, gently poke around at those teeth and gums, and eventually, you will have a willing and ready cat looking for pearly whites!

If you have slacked on the brushing for a while, do not be afraid, we're here to help! While you could take your critter to the veterinarian for a cleaning, why not get in the routine on your own? Of course, this is only okay if the teeth and gums are in good shape and have not developed late stage periodontal disease.

Check out this video and see just how simple this process can be! Happy brushing! 

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