Go Home Diet Pepsi!

Who else tried to watch the Golden Globes on Sunday night?

Who else tried to watch the Golden Globes on Sunday night?  It’s a tradition in my house, along with the Oscar’s, mostly to give us a forum to diss on the outfits, on the amount of “work” that we see in the room,  (not just on the women!), and to generally run our mouths about every fabulous star who is either “faking “ their shock and awe, or being what we like to call, “authentic”.


Also, being huge movie enthusiasts, this year especially, we were loving the nominees. So many great movies for 2012! Loved Lincoln! And Silver Linings Playbook!  Add to the mix the tag team hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey? Please! A night filled with 2 pints of Ben and Jerry’s, many opportunities to watch Hugh Jackman, Bradley Cooper and George Clooney and said dissing? We were hyperventilating with excitement.


But alas!   Can I just say….although I’m aware of the big ticket opportunity attached to advertising spots aired during an event like this, I think if I saw one more Diet Pepsi ad featuring Sofia Vergara, I would most likely stick an ice pick in my ear. Or hers, had she been in my living room. I’m sorry people; I’m all for the lovely and funny Sofia, but PLEASE! I lost count at 7 airings of said ad, only because I was astral projecting myself out my window and into a forced meditation, which for a normally cool and calm person was scaring even me. 


Is it just me? Can anyone relate here? This type of redundant and blatant in your face interruptive advertising is so offensive to me these days, it makes the point for me that I’m always trying to make to my own clients: although media advertising is not totally dead, repeatedly shoving a message in your face over and over, as what was done by Pepsi during the Golden Globes, like the banner ads of the 1990’s is so DOA, as much money that they must have thrown at this was, in my head, worse than no advertising at all. And that is coming from a Woman of a Certain Age. My kids? The future recipients of media blasts? Can anyone spell DVR? Or Netflix?

 We no longer have to be exposed to in your face advertising; we now have OPTIONS, baby! Has no one informed the CMO of PepsiCo of these “new” phenomena? Content Marketing? Permission Marketing? Subtle branding messages?  Today especially, there are so many creative ways to get your message, your product and your brand, to the masses there is no excuse for this, and we will se this play out over the next few years as the kids age, having less and less tolerance for unsolicited media messages.

I’m sorry Sofia. You’re gorgeous, and I know you were just the messenger, but if I see you sipping one more Diet Pepsi I’m going to stop watching Modern Family. Which would be a shame.


Who’s with me? 

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