Local Westport Family Chooses Solar Energy

Meet Bruce Haymes, who lives in Westport, CT. Bruce is a strong advocate for solar energy for both environmental and political reasons, and was finally able to fulfill a goal back in March when he was able to have solar panels installed at his home. Beyond making the decision to “go solar”, Bruce also made a point to select panels that were designed and manufactured in the United States (in Oregon), so his decision to implement solar energy also complimented the US manufacturing of high tech solar panels.

Beyond his personal beliefs, Bruce acknowledges the cost-savings benefits of solar energy. He encourages all of his fellow neighbors to get complete a home evaluation, and calculate the return on investment. For him, the cost-savings benefits were a “no brainer” and he predicts the solar panels will pay for themselves in the next five years.

Bruce is proud to a resident of Connecticut, which is one of the most progressive states in the country with respect to solar energy, and is eager to share his story about his decision to “go solar” with others in his community.

If you would like to learn more about solar energy, please visit GoSolarCT.com. This website, launched by The Clean Energy Finance & Investment Authority (CEFIA), was designed to build awareness of the money saving benefits for homeowners seeking to “go solar”. The website includes a new online tool enabling more than 1 million Connecticut homeowners to obtain specific data regarding their home’s suitability for solar and to compare energy and cash savings for solar leases and loans.


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