NYers: For Gas Go to Fairfield, Milford I-95 Rest Stops

Darien's First Selectman persuaded state police to post electronic messages on I-95 electronic signs suggesting that NY & NJ drivers go to the rest stops in Fairfield or Milford rather than Darien, Stamford or Norwalk, as Greenwich officials h

Update Friday:

In response to recommendations from Greenwich officials that New Yorkers looking for gas drive on to Darien, Stamford or Norwalk, state officials have now posted messages on the I-95 electronic signs telling them to go to the Fairfield or Milford rest stops.

It's been difficult at times for police to maintain order at Darien gas stations, Darien First Selectman Jayme Stevenson said, so Darien requested the signs be put up on the highway and state police have agreed.

Stevenson said she's just put a call in to Greenwich First Selectman Peter Tesei, asking that Greenwich officials no longer suggest Darien as a spot to get gas.

"Our residents are anxious enough," Stevenson said, "let alone to encourage New York and New Jersey people to come here."

Original article:

Saying gas stations in Greenwich are being overwhelmed by motorists getting off of the first Connecticut town along Interstate 95 northbound, town officials are calling for New Yorkers to seek fuel just a bit further up the line, including in Darien.

According to Lt. Kraig Gray, public information officer of the Greenwich Police Department, service stations in town have seen a “significant increase in their consumption of fuel and gas lines” as a result of its close proximity to Westchester County.

“Unfortunately, this has significantly increased the traffic and use of service stations, which is making it difficult for everybody,” Gray said. “Probably the best thing that would serve the residents from the New York area looking for fuel is to drive a few minutes further up the line, to Stamford, Darien or Norwalk, where they too have fuel and there are no lines.”

Con Edison has pegged a Nov. 10-11 restoration date for the area, and by late Thursday had restored power to approximately 55,000 of 210,000 affected homes.


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