Campaign Notebook: Financial Pasts of Murphy, McMahon Scrutinized

News and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut


The financial past of both Chris Murphy and Linda McMahon is being used by both camps to paint the other candidate as irresponsible.

Murphy’s campaign is brining up McMahon’s involvement in the 1976 bankruptcy of the WWE – then known as the World Wrestling Federation. According to the Associated Press, McMahon’s company owed $1 million to creditors.

‘‘It’s wrong that McMahon made hundreds of millions of dollars at the WWE but still has not paid back the people she owes from her foreclosure and bankruptcy,’’ said Ben Marter, a spokesperson for Chris Murphy.

McMahon’s campaign is honing in on Murphy’s past, where he missed mortgage payments on his home and tax payments on his car, reports the Hartford Courant.

Fourth District

Steve Obsitnik (R) issued a second round of grades for U.S. Rep. Jim Himes, giving him an F for student loan debt, college options for prospective students and job prospects for college graduates.

Himes’ campaign spokesperson graded Obsitnik as well.

"Obsitnik, whose actual report card details his failing to vote in six elections since registering to vote in Connecticut, is once again desperately misleading voters by fabricating report cards," Justin Myers said, according to the Connecticut Post.


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