Bedford Square Associates Offer to Pay Relocation Cost for Downtown Property

A letter to the editor from Bedford Square Associations Spokesperson Karen Johnson.


“On November 30, 2012, Bedford Square Associates (BSA) met with Town of Westport First Selectman Gordon Joseloff to discuss possible options for the preservation of the Queen Anne style house (Gunn House) at 35 Church Lane.

“While this building cannot be incorporated into our plans for the Bedford Square Development project, out of respect for those who would like to see it preserved, we have offered to relocate it.  BSA has offered to move the structure to the Elm Street municipal parking lot, is prepared to donate the cost of moving the structure and will also gift it to the town as a gesture of community good will.

“BSA is also willing to pay for the cost of constructing a foundation for the structure; the balance of the improvements will be dictated by the ultimate use of the structure and therefore are best left to a future developer.  We have formally requested that the Town of Westport consider this option as a viable alternative in order to preserve the structure.

“Mr. Joseloff asked BSA to put its options in writing, and a letter dated December 21 outlining them was received in his office on December 26.  Mr. Joseloff also asked to visit the property and was told that it could be arranged after the New Year.  A visit has been scheduled for next week.”

– Karen Johnson, Bedford Square Associations Spokesperson


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