UPDATE: Chris Murphy Wins Westport Vote

Only a small fraction of Westport voters have casted their votes, according to the Westport Voter Registration Office.

Update: 10:30 p.m.

According to the Westport Voter Registration Office Chris Murphy had the most Westport votes. Here are the final results:


Linda McMahon: 603

Chris Shays: 872


Susan Bysiewicz: 241

Chris Murphy: 1,018


Original story:

The Westport Voter Registration Office is reporting light voter turnout for the Democratic and Republican U.S. Senate nomination Tuesday.

Westport resident Ralph Adams voted for Chris Murphy in the senate primary race because of his environmental policies.

“He will stand up to protect the environment any chance he can get,” Adams said.

Dee Andrian, of Westport, said she believes we need more women in government – the reason why she voted for Susan Bysiewicz.

“We need more women for changes because women think different then guys do,” Andrian said.

Tracy and Gloria Sugarman, a Westport couple, both voted for Chris Murphy. Tracy said he liked Murphy’s record and the democratic program.

“He is going to bring some light into the campaign,” Tracy Sugarman said. “I think he is young, he is ambitious, and he is smart.”


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Carolanne Curry, a democrat running for state senate on November 6, was present at Saugatuck Elementary School introducing herself to her potential constituents.

The number one thing on Curry’s agenda is Connecticut’s education reform.

“I want to have conversations with people when I’m discussing issues, not conflicts. I think we could accomplish a lot more that way” said Curry, who has been a Westport resident for 25 years.

Ted Hoffstatter, a candidate for State Representative of the 143rd district in the fall election, which represents parts of Westport, Norwalk and Wilton, made an appearance at Saugatuck Elementary as well. The Wilton resident said he has been a Saugatuck Yacht Club member since 1981.

“Protecting the (Long Island) Sound is hugely important to me, Hoffstatter said.

Hoffstatter voted for Bysiewicz, but added that both her and Murphy will be good candidates for the Democratic Party.

“I’m surprised Chris Shays didn’t get more traction over Linda McMahon because clearly his is the better candidate on their end, but he doesn’t have $50 million to spend."

Polls will remain open until 8 p.m. Click here for information on where your polling station is.


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