Hurricane Sandy: Westport Retains School Vacations, 182 Days

The Board of Education approved Monday night the retention of February and April vacations by reconfiguring professional development days for school teachers following a recommendation by Superintendent Dr. Elliot Landon.


Westport students will not miss out on their winter and spring recesses due to the five school days that were cancelled during and after Hurricane Sandy.

Superintendent Dr. Elliot Landon and the Board of Education extended their appreciation during a Board of Education meeting Monday night to the Westport Education Administration for agreeing to hold a professional development day on a Saturday. Two days that were originally scheduled for professional development, Jan. 18 and Feb. 25, will now be full school days. Two half school days will be inserted into the calendar, which will also serve as half days for professional development.

Landon recommended the board adopt a schedule that incorporated three snow days into the calendar. If Westport has a snow day school will no longer end on June 20. It will be extended to include June 21, 24 and 25.


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Board of Education member Brett Aronow recommended Westport eliminate school days 181 and 182 if a second or third snow day were to occur based on feedback she had received from parents.

According to Landon, it would be difficult to negotiate a schedule with less than 182 days because of contracts and payments to employees.

Board of Education Chair Elaine Whiteny strongly supported a full 182-day schedule.

“If we were to forgive such a day, it is hundreds of thousands of dollars a day we will have spent and not utilized,” Whitney said.

The board unanimously approved the retention of two school recesses and 182 school days following the discussion. If no snow days occur, school will end on June 20.


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